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Know me a bit more...
"Active composer, with a solid training and productive career"
Spanish cinema is already such a treasure trove of outstanding film music, and Leanizbarrutia is the latest composer to join the group of its most outstanding practitioners. Best Scores of 2017-Spain, Jonathan Broxton

Formed in music from an early age, I start my education studying clarinet in the Conservatoire of Music of Palencia, my little town, finishing with four years more in the Royal High Conservatoire of Music of Madrid, studying composition, electroacoustic, counterpoint, orchestration, advanced harmony, conducting... a lot of things!


At the same time, I applied a lot of different courses specialized in composition, conducting and film scoring with several highly composers teachers. Then, I decided to complete my education studying Master in Film Scoring at the university Alfonso X el Sabio.

In spite of my young age, I has a lot of experience working from 2013 for Three Columns Entertainment, in which composed and produced more than thirty projects, from TV short films, documentaries, and three feature films (Poveda, Luz de Soledad & Red de Libertad), which gives me several nominations and awards, including nomination in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

I have work in other different projects too, as orchestrator for the Netflix movie Klaus, or the TVE program "Prodigios" for example.


I like composing for picture, but I enjoy composing for concert of course, with works like the music for the prestigious art exhibition "Las Edades del Hombre" and others concert works like "Bella Desconocida" for historic organ, "Ave Maria" for soprano, mass for choir and orchestra and more pieces.

Do you want to see my demo reel



"Best Musical Score" 2017 for POVEDA,  International Christian Film Festival, USA.

"Silver Medal" soundtrack for film and television and composition/composer 2018 for RED DE LIBERTAD,  Global Music Awards, USA.


"Best Musical Score" 2017 for LUZ DE SOLEDAD,  International Christian Film Festival, USA.

"Best Musical Score" 2018 for RED DE LIBERTAD,  International Christian Film Festival, USA.

"Premios de la música para el audiovisual español" 2018 for RED DE LIBERTAD, FIMUCITÉ, España

"Original Score/Song for Commercial Advertisement" 2019 for CIUDAD RODRIGO, LO QUE SOMOS, Hollywood Music in Media Awards, USA.


Director: Pablo Moreno

Production:  Three Columns Entertainment

Year:  2017



The incredible life of Helena Studler, a nun and Daughter of Charity that created a non-violent network that rescued over 2000 people in Nazi occupied France during WWII.

The Freedom Net - Excerpts
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Home pic: Jesús Sevillano. Bio pic: María Villarreal Sánchez

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